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Some ruthless non-robots left behind all kinds of junk - go deeper and deeper to help Junk.E clean the ocean!

Pick up the junk and dispose it at one of the service stations. These will trade junk for energy and will repair all your  damages once.

Use your mouse to rotate Junk.E, press the LMB to accelerate. On your way down, light will become a precious resource! Press SPACE to switch your lamp on or off. But watch out, your lamp will drain your energy!

Developer-Hint: Rumors have it you can find a heap of atomic waste at the bottom of the ocean!

This game was created by Team *Grundlos Entertainment*:

Art | Clara Ruthner , Lilli Sagaischek, Max Gruessinger

Programming | Kevin Hell, Peter Redinger


JunkE.zip 27 MB

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